We are “only dating” but until when?

I do not even want to spend my time writing about you, not because I hate you but because I have given you enough of my thoughts. We have all been in a situation where we are dating or going out with someone but we want more. We try to convince ourselves that the other person might want it but deep inside we know the truth.

We fool ourselves because reality seems painful at times, we tell ourselves excuses and we hope that the person realizes how good we are for them. We live in a constant obsession and constant internal explanation on why things would possibly work this way.

Today my advice would be to stop lying to yourself, being alone might hurt at times, ego is a powerful enemy. Ask yourself: What do you prefer? Keeping yourself falsely happy in hope or do you prefer being real to yourself, suffering for a short time and then being truly happy with yourself?

Women, you do not need a man and leaving someone who you “love” or “want” is not the end of the world, it is the beginnning of your own world. Do not stop yourself from being able to find someone who truly appreciates you and wants to be with you. Stop fooling yourself, being true to yourself will prevent your suffering and eliminate those internal battles you constantly have to fight.

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