I am sick of individualistic mindsets. Being a person who loves to travel I have encountered many different personalities and people with whom I’ve been able to get along, as well as people who I just can’t stand. After a long time of trying to analyze why I felt so overwhelmed in my work environment I realized that I can’t stand individualistic mindsets, and that I am constantly surrounded by them. People who have individualistic mindsets only care about themselves and their own well-being, but the problem does not stop there. Individualistic people usually care about themselves and have a constant desire to be better than others. I struggle with the idea of people not wanting to support me just because they do not want me to succeed. I am overwhelmed by the amount of jealousy that people around me show, and I don’t mean it only towards me, but towards everybody else.

I see the start of this issue in my students, they are taught by other people to always be better than someone else. “You need to make a 100”, “You need to beat the others”, “If you get a higher grade I will give you some candy”. But WHY? I’M TIRED OF LISTENING TO THIS AND SEE THE AMOUNT OF STRESS MY STUDENTS GO THROUGH. One of them gave me a bracelet two days ago, and the bracelet said “Compete EVERYday”, I had never disagreed more with a quote.

Being  a type A person, I grew up thinking that it was all about being the best and competing with other people. Oh man, was I wrong. For most part of my life, I was blindsided by competition and by the falseness of “success”. I still remember the first speech contest that I lost, and I remember crying in the bathroom because I felt less than others, because I was defeated.  Something was wrong with my mindset, because IM NOT ANYBODY ELSE, I’M MYSELF. I allowed other people to tell me I was not good enough, but guess what? I am, we all are.

The next year after my defeat I was hesitating wether I should compete or not, my self-esteem was destroyed, but I loved poetry. That year I made a commitment to myself to be a better version of ME. That year I was not trying to beat anyone, I was trying to be a better Alejandra. I wanted to feel my poem, to share it with others and hopefully help someone through my words. The result was successful, I did not win, I lost for the second time, but I won something much bigger. I earned love to myself, I understood that by focusing on others successes and abilities, I was missing out on mine. I was so concentrated on beating others that I forgot about my own passions…

Spanish translation coming up tonight…

Una nagual in training,




Tu nagual

Estudiante querido de mi corazón,

yo sé que no soy tu madre,

no llevo tu sangre,

pero comparto tu dolor.

Dear student of my heart,

I know I’m not your mother,

I don’t carry your blood

But I share your pain.

Todos los días despierto pensando en ti,

pienso en cómo ayudarte,

pienso en como guiarte,

pienso en como despertarte a la felicidad.

Everyday I wake up thinking of you,

I think about how to help you,

I think about how to guide you,

I think about waking you up to happiness.

Aunque a veces parezca molesta,

debes saber que mi amor sigue ahí,

si tus sentimientos están por doquier,

amate a ti mismo y contrólate.

Even though I might seem mad at times,

you must know my love is still there,

if your feelings are everywhere,

love yourself and control yourself.

A veces el mundo será confuso y cruel,

recuérdame si estás perdido,

recuerda mis enseñanzas,

recuerda mi amor por ti.

Sometimes the world might be confusing and cruel,

remember me if you are lost,

remember my teachings,

remember my love for you.